“Marketing with Intent”

WhY Mintent?

Because we are the most talented, knowledgeable and passionate digital marketers you will ever add to your team. We have a proven track record dating back to the beginning of digital marketing time. Our heads, our hearts and our hustle are ready to be part of your business.



Mintent is a full service Canadian boutique digital marketing agency. From brand strategy to full program execution, Mintent’s digital marketing services will make a difference in your organization.


Our in-house team will work with you to create and deploy digital marketing strategies based on solid SEO fundamentals, engaging social tactics and powerful content marketing to elevate your brand’s discoverability, increase leads and build customer loyalty.


Using focused marketing strategies gained through our combined decades of experience, we support and help our clients in their business growth and development.

Our Team

Matt Dion, CEO

Matt Dion


Matt Dion is a technology industry veteran with 26 years of experience ushering early stage companies through the tricky early adopter and early majority market phases. He brings proven management and board experience with successful companies during their early stages, including Crystal Decisions/Business Objects (acquired by SAP), Apparent Networks, 90-degree software (acquired by Microsoft), Active State (acquired by Sophos), and Elastic Path Software. A consummate thought-leader in the areas of marketing, content marketing, digital transformation, e-commerce, and business development, he has spoken at Adobe Summit, Enterprise World, Digital Entertainment World, Luxury Interactive and Digital Hollywood.

Krista LaRiviere, Chief Marketing Officer

Krista LaRiviere

Chief Marketing Officer

Krista LaRiviere is passionate about helping customers navigate the digital marketing ecosystem to help grow their businesses. She brings 23 years of marketing experience and entrepreneurial thinking to the Mintent team and every customer she works with. Having founded and successfully exited, three digital marketing companies, most recently gShift, which was acquired by Mintent, Krista has also been ranked as one of Canada’s top female entrepreneurs by Profit’s W100.  Krista holds degrees in Economics, Business Administration and Applied Information Technology. She is an active Rotarian and a Queen’s Diamond Jubilee recipient for her work with charities.

Raina Willow, Account Manager & Senior Digital Strategist

Raina Willow

Senior Content Manager

Raina is a senior digital marketing strategist with a passion for content marketing. Her background in creative advertising allows her to craft unique brand messaging that can be conveyed through both visual and written content. Her experience working with both B2C and B2B clients, combined with an optimistic outlook enables her to creatively problem solve and find solutions for clients.

Raina Willow, Account Manager & Senior Digital Strategist

Kaila Johnson

Account Manager

Kaila is an enthusiastic communications specialist and content strategist with over ten years of cross-cultural marketing and public relations experience. Her background includes extensive project management, coordinating numerous contributors and stakeholders within the publishing world, and building a press and communications department with an award-winning social enterprise in London, England. Kaila’s passion for story writing and creating engaging conversations on digital media platforms play a key part in her role as a Client Account Manager.
Raina Willow, Account Manager & Senior Digital Strategist

Patrick Nelson

Web Developer

Patrick Nelson is a Web Developer & Designer with over seven years of experience in web design and development. He has managed over 100 websites and is a jack of all trades in the industry. His love for helping businesses be their best in an online world is his passion, and he ensures every client is left thrilled with their website.
Raina Willow, Account Manager & Senior Digital Strategist

Angela Wood

Business Development Manager

Angela has 15 years of experience in a variety of industries within the digital space. She has spent her career at the forefront of the digital revolution and holds a degree in Psychology and a Post Graduate Certificate geared to market research. Angela has worked for some of Canada’s largest businesses in the digital space to include Torstar Digital, CIBC, and the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation. Additionally, she has co-founded a start-up business that utilized digital technology to bring services to market. Angela’s passion is to uncover digital marketing challenges in your space and provide you with winning solutions.

Raina Willow, Account Manager & Senior Digital Strategist

Julia Villa

Social Media Marketing Manager

Julia is a Digital Marketing Strategist with over 3 years of experience in digital marketing and strategy, email marketing, social media content creation, and content writing. Her expertise in social media allows her to understand what a target audience is looking for and how to get their attention. Her love for marketing is coupled with her passion for engaging people all over the world and bringing them together. 

Raina Willow, Account Manager & Senior Digital Strategist

Kristina Leonenko

Paid Media Manager

Kristina is a Digital Marketing Strategist with nearly three years of experience in paid search, influencer and social media marketing. Her bachelor’s degree in economics coupled with two post-graduate degrees in marketing allows her to apply analytical thinking and a deep understanding of consumers behaviour to translate business goals into successful digital marketing campaigns. Being passionate about online advertising, she is always excited to help businesses connect with their target audience through the digital world.

Raina Willow, Account Manager & Senior Digital Strategist

Mary Rios

Account Manager

Mary Rios is a skilled and experienced bilingual client account manager with a strong background in digital marketing. With over 6 years of experience, Mary has worked with businesses of all sizes, from small startups to large franchises. As a project manager and team leader, Mary has honed her skills in communication, organization, and leadership, making her the perfect main point of contact between clients and the agency. Her expertise and dedication to ensuring the successful flow of projects have earned her a reputation as a top performer in her field.

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We believe in the power and importance of Canadian business.

We have offices in Barrie, Ontario and Vancouver, British Columbia where our team of experts collaborate on creating the best possible marketing plans and executions available. Our internal mission is to support local businesses in their growth and expansion efforts.

We know marketing is oftentimes the one element holding a company’s growth back from greatness. Let us audit your company and provide recommendations on how to fully utilize digital marketing to your advantage.