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6 Marketing ‘Wins’ from Mintent
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Video Podcasting Success with LinkedIN

We know it is challenging to create compelling content, have it really stand out, and continue to produce engagement over multiple months.

In our latest case study, find out how ZLC Employee Benefits Solutions turned existing blog articles into optimized video podcasts to reach its B2B audience in LinkedIn. From zero to 4,000 Video Views and 400 new Followers in 3 months, ZLC’s brand-building exercise is a success!

Read about the steps, phases, and next steps.

Gilda’s Google Grant Game Changer

With limited funding resources, and a staff of volunteers, Gilda’s Club Simcoe Muskoka was struggling to bring in new donation dollars, increase their volunteer base, and promote their services. Mintent’s team of digital marketers descended on GCSM and implemented the foundational elements required to launch an advertising campaign to attract donors.

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No leads,
no love.

Medical product company finds a way to acquire leads

Mintent launched a Facebook lead gen campaign resulting in increased impressions by more than 40%, reduced the budget by half, and resulted in more than 80 quality leads. Why did Facebook yield better results than Google? There was low search volume around relevant key phrases for medical testing. Facebook’s audience targeting reached the right people.

It’s all about intent.

Social Ads versus Google Ads

Sometimes Google Ads aren’t the way to go. Is your customer actually searching for your product? It pays to perform small tests to truly understand what results transpire from switching media. A Google Ads campaign resulted in 340 conversions yet these conversions weren’t resulting in measurable ROI. Mintent launched a Facebook Ads lead generation campaign resulting in 87 qualified leads for the client, spending just 8% of the original budget with a decreased CPL of 69% (leads for less than $20).

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A good match takes time.

Finding the right search terms and adjusting your bids

A start-up SaaS company looking to generate leads brought down their cost per conversion by 75% with Mintent’s continuous monitoring, understanding of bidding strategies, and by refining keywords sets to eliminate searches with the wrong intent.

Breaking up isn’t hard to do.

When your cost per lead is too high!

Another B2B SaaS company was looking for love in all the wrong places. With a cost per lead of over $2k, this Google Ads campaign was unsustainable. In 3.5 months, Mintent was able to bring down the CPL by more than 70% by focusing on search terms leading only relevant prospects to the client’s door.

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Saying ‘I do’ to growth.

Increasing paid search and organic visits year-over-year

A local Jeweller improved their organic traffic 17.45% in a year- over-year comparison. They were also able to experience an 8.93% increase in Google CPC traffic, along with a 23% reduction in bounce rates and a 43.43% increase in session duration. These results indicate the ads delivered on user expectations. Working alongside their IT team, Mintent was able to create a system for measuring bookings for in-store sessions.

Putting yourself out there.

Improving discoverability overnight

Is that a typo? Nope. A SaaS startup discovered why they were getting no love organically. An SEO audit uncovered a multitude of dark secrets concealing this site’s right to shine. From technical errors resulting in pages missing from Google’s index, to a lack of keyword-focused content to missing metadata and H1’s Mintent’s fixes put this website in the spotlight where it belongs.