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Awareness and lead generation are two fundamental aspects of every marketing strategy. Is your business truly capitalizing on the power of Google, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn’s advertising capabilities to reach your target audience and generate leads?


The Google search box remains the most common starting point of your customer’s journey. But organic search (SEO) is oftentimes difficult or impossible to be discovered in.

Incorporating an optimized Google Adwords strategy can make the difference between your lead generation engine idling versus truly accelerating.

Feeling like your current Google and Facebook Ads just aren’t performing? Mintent’s 50 Point Ads Inspection will uncover opportunities to optimize your campaigns. Contact us today for a quote.

Case Study

Breaking up isn’t hard to do.

When your cost per lead is too high!

A B2B SaaS company was looking for love in all the wrong places. With a cost per lead of over $2k, this Google Ads campaign was unsustainable. In 3.5 months, Mintent was able to decrease the CPL by more than 70% by focusing on search terms leading only relevant prospects to their door.

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