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I Want To…

Of course you want to generate more leads, outperform the competition and sell more. The first step to achieving these goals is to prioritize marketing resources to predict marketing outcomes. What is your company’s marketing math? What are the sales goals? What is a realistic Conversion Rate and Cost per Lead? What is an accurate definition of a Marketing Qualified Lead and how many are required to meet the sales goals? Don’t know where to start? Check out Mintent’s Starter Packages!

Generate more leads

Lead generation is the number one challenge facing every digital marketer. Determining where to focus efforts and budget is half the battle. Truly optimizing your lead generation engine takes time and commitment involving a myriad of elements and tactics all working together.

From persona development, customer journey mapping, keyword research and content marketing to conversion rate optimization and analytics, let Team Mintent accelerate your lead generation. Kick start your lead generation with our Digital Brand Foundations Starter Package!

Outperform the Competition

Competition online is fierce and consumer behaviour has changed. Google’s micro-moments describe it all. Your potential buyer has four moments: I want to ‘know’, I want to ‘go’, I want to ‘do’, I want to ‘buy’. The question is, what are your competitors doing at each stage of the buyer’s journey and how do you beat them? How do you get found before your competitors? Team Mintent can help you crush your competition. Rank higher than your competitors with our SEO Audit Starter Package.

Sell More

Sell More

You have website traffic and an engaged audience, but know there is untapped potential to convert more sales. Whether you are just starting out or already selling online, a successful ecommerce strategy takes more effort than launching a transactional website. From selecting and optimizing your store and content to marketplaces, UI/UX and advertising strategies, Team Mintent can bring clarity to your online sales strategy. Showcase your brand in a unique and memorable way with our Logo and Brand Design Starter Package.

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