An Open Letter to all Business Leaders

from Matt & Krista 

Feb 16, 2021

Dear Business Owners & Leaders,

We understand marketing is difficult. Digital marketing is even more difficult. We also know firsthand it can be the one aspect of business holding you back from growth and greatness. We know how precious your time and money is and investing both wisely into marketing efforts can be a daunting task, oftentimes leaving you stuck, unable to move your business forward.

Over our careers and the past 25 years, Matt and I (Krista) have worked with thousands of businesses helping solve marketing problems with a variety of technology and software. Many of you know us from Crystal Reports, ElasticPath, Microsoft, HotBanana, Lyris and gShift. Many things changed in 2020 including our perspective on marketing tech and services.

We know technology does not solve marketing problems. People solve marketing problems.

So as of today, we have launched Mintent as a full-service digital marketing agency focused solely on helping small-to-mid sized businesses do better digital marketing – with clarity and confidence.

Mintent stands for “Marketing with Intent” and Mintent Digital Marketing Agency is different for these simple reasons:

  1. Our people, our team are world-class marketers and we want to be your marketers.
  2. We know Marketing as a Service is the most efficient way to invest in marketing from strategy through to tactical execution. With Mintent, you receive an entire team of experts at your service.
  3. Matt and Krista have been in your shoes. We’ve been the Chief Entrepreneur Officer, the Chief Everything Officer. Chief Executive Officer and Chief Exit Officer. We understand your perspective. Resources and timelines are tight, competition is fierce. Making the best marketing decisions could shifting business results from just ‘good’ to exceptionally ‘great’.  
  4. We love what we do and we want to help you take the guesswork out of connecting the tactics of digital (SEO, paid search and social, content marketing, analytics and social media) to your business strategy.
  5. Trust. Your business is your passion and a reflection of you. We feel honoured when a client trusts our team.

Helping companies with purpose is our purpose. Helping you find the best digital marketing answers faster is our priority.

We want to work with you to help you promote your purpose. Reach out, let’s talk. and remember to always “Market with intent”.

Matt Dion, CEO
Krista LaRiviere, CMO