Feel good about your marketing

 Mintent’s 5 Starter Packages

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What’s your marketing math?

The Marketing MAth Workshop package

Mintent’s Marketing Math Workshop starter package is all about providing you with a lead generation model that will enable you to understand how much you should be investing into your advertising in order to achieve your revenue growth targets.  

It’s all about your audience.

The digital brand foundations package

Do you know who your audience is and where they live online? If not, you’re performing random acts of marketing and we give you full permission to STOP. Without proper digital brand foundations, you will be unable to identify who your audience is, how to reach them, and how to get them through the sales funnel. This package is designed to help you identify all of these problems and create an effective strategy in order to market with intent.

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Don’t Neglect Your SEO

the SEO Audit package

Your SEO is nothing to neglect, especially when it comes to your overall search rankings. Through our audit of 28 key elements, there are also tools such as backlinking, usability, and indexing that can further enhance your search results.

facebook & google ads

The 50 Point ads inspection & analysis package

Improve your discoverability and enhance your ads through search and social. Understand the settings and campaign structures that Google offers and how they can significantly impact your overall ad performance. Improve the online presence of your organization by understanding Facebook and Instagram as well as the ads settings that come along with them. 


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logo and brand design

the logo & brand design Package

Your brand guidelines are how you communicate your organization to the world. They help ensure consistency and gain the trust of your customers. Showcase your unique brand, who you are and what you stand for through our logo and brand design package.